Patricia Lulu Mbela launches Poisa Line

With the distinct honour of being the only Kenyan scheduled to showcase at the Nigerian Fashion Week next week, and one of the four Kenyans at the Swahili Fashion Week this weekend, fashion designer Patricia Mbela gave an exclusive peek into her collection courtesy of her new fashion label POISA. “It is my boldest collection to date and am really excited to see how East Africa and Nigerians react to it,” she said.

Poisa, a Taita name for craft or make, is aptly describes her ‘Urban Warrior’ collection which is about wearable art. Inspired by Turkana, Maasai, gladiators and colonial explorers, and using Kitenge, checks, leather, cotton, linen, silks and chiffon, her collection was quite varied and captured Kenya’s unique and growing culture.

Tipuana Gardens hosted the fashionistas and guests who included Cathy Gathu, Valentine Njoroge, fashion designers John Kaveke, Lucy Rao and Peggy Onyango, film maker Hawa Essuman, and singer Angie Mwandanda.

Source: The Star


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